quick reference

Your Mixer

At first glance a mixer looks like a bewildering array of knobs and buttons, but there are only a very few types of controls, and most are duplicated for each mic. The controls are also placed in the same order in which the signal passes through them: from the top to the bottom of the mixer for each mic, and then the channels are summed along the bottom of the mixer to the master outputs.

The next page (controls) follows a mic signal from start to finish, with suggested starting positions for the controls. If you have an Entertainer mixer, it will look exactly like this. If you're using another mixer, it may be labeled differently, but will function the same way.

Mixer location:
near electric outlet (connect all equipment to one outlet box)
accessible from floor, not too close to piano
minimize cable runs
Mixer controls:
check 'mono/stereo' (or 'monitor/main') switch set to 'mono' (or 'monitor')
start all EQ settings flat (0, usually "12 o'clock")
set all gains and levels down as low as possible
keep center foot of stand off the ground
caller: SM-58 (golf ball head)
musicians: no doubling up on mics - get that mic close!
mark cables clearly at both ends
label mixer for each mic/instrument (not just 'in order of stage'!)
run cables to minimize clutter on stage, especially around caller
connect main speaker cables to 'Amp' jacks on back of mixer
if the monitor speakers are powered, their cables go to 'monitor'
if the monitor speakers are unpowered, connect to the other 'Amp' jack
on stands, small 'tweeter' speaker at top
place as close to edge of stage as possible
3' above heads of first dancers, pointed slightly inward to center of hall
tilt forward so ray from center hits 1/2 way down the hall
tone dial on back set to 'normal' or 'flat'
Double Check:
mic, speaker, monitor cables plugged in completely before power up
Power Up:
turn on power switch
bring gains and levels up to moderate settings (see next page)
check that all mics and speakers are working. If not, check connections
check that monitors are working, plugged in, turned up, band can hear well
look for obvious problems before you twiddle dials!
hum? Light dimmer switches should be turned all the way on or off