quick reference


EQ Suggestions: Very dependent on particular player & mic

  Caller Piano Fiddle Guitar Flute Bass Bodhran
High: +3     +3      
Mid: +6         +3 +3
Low: -6   -3 -3 -3    
Mixing Hints
  • go easy: +6 on the board = double the volume, tone change, etc.
  • is the caller clearly audible, but not overbearing?
  • is each instrument distinct at the back of the hall?
  • are the fader positions fairly similar - nothing radical?
  • make sure the band can hear in the monitors
  • too soft = lack of 'presence' in the music
  • too loud = feedback, ear fatigue, 'muddy' sound
  • when in doubt, cut levels rather than boost - cut loudest thing first
  • adjust as the size of the dance grows or shrinks
Emergency Response
reduce the main monitor level control immediately
if still feedback, reduce main speaker volume
once under control, analyze what caused it, bring levels back up
Missing sound
main speakers: check connections, mono/stereo switch
one mic: check connections
any switches on the mic itself?
replace cable and/or mic
  • power down before pulling out wires, etc.
  • musicians/instruments out of the way next
  • then pack up

Coiling wires
The best way to coil wires involves either giving the cable a half-twist as you coil it, or alternating the side you coil onto, using an 'over and under' motion; the result is a very even coil of wire, with no twists or kinks. This method will greatly prolong the reliable life of your wires. Attach leather or braided nylon ties to each wire, so the coils of wire don't get all tangled in storage.