Dawn Dance logo (12k png)

Brattleboro Dawn Dances

All-night dances, held twice a year, with 400+ dancers

Fall Ball photo (12k jpg)

Peterborough Balls

Annual 12-hour contradance events for Steve Zakon-Anderson: Fall Ball in October, Snowball in January

Circle Lodge (8k jpg)

Circle Lodge dance weekends

English dance weekends in NY including True Brit (run by CD*NY), Weekend Whirligig, and private parties

Downeast logo (4k gif)

Downeast Country Dance Festival

The largest traditional dance festival in Maine

Dance Flurry logo (8k png)

Dance Flurry

Weekend festival in NY featuring an astounding variety of dance traditions

Animaterra photo (12k jpg)


Women's chorus directed by Allison Aldrich

Boston Ball photo (12k jpg)

Boston Playford Ball

Historical English dancing

Pipers logo (8k png)

The Pipers' Gathering

Annual convention featuring some of the finest bagpipe players in the world

FfA photo (12k jpg)

Fried for All

English dance weekend led by Fried de Metz Herman

Across the Lake photo (12k jpg)

Across the Lake

English dance weekend in Burlington VT

CDSS logo (8k gif)

Buffalo Gap camps

Week-long dance camps in WV run by CDSS

mills at Pinewoods (8k jpg)

Pinewoods camps

Week-long dance camps in MA run by CDSS

ashokan wiggly bridge (12k jpg)

Ashokan camps

Week-long dance camps for Jay Ungar & Molly Mason

bandemonium (12k jpg)

Big Bandemonium

Dance evenings for 9-piece big band in Greenfield, MA

photo credits: Arthur Ferguson (Boston Playford Ball), Marty Stock (Big Bandemonium)