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I'd rather be playing than doing sound, but I hated events where the sound person was clueless. After a particularly frustrating dance I played while the sound guy conducted random experiments upon the ears of all present, I lost my temper. I decided no matter long it took, I had to write a how-to book, both to reduce my blood pressure and hopefully, generally improve sound quality. More than 500 copies are out there now, and it's starting to have some impact.

Version history
The original All Mixed Up (1994) had 22 pages plus a 4 page foldover quick-reference insert. It took me 2 weeks to write as a 45 page draft, and then 2 years to edit down to just the nitty-gritty while testing it on many sound classes. I made sure it clearly answered the most-asked questions, but also dealt with more subtle issues that experienced sound people run into. Dance caller Dan Pearl contributed clarifying illustrations.

The 2nd print edition (1996) is 24 jam-packed pages plus insert, incorporating numerous changes based on reader feedback and my further experiences in workshops and running sound. I added new text on direct inputs, pickups and on-board mics, phantom power, and hearing safety and sound levels, and revised and expanded the sections on miking and EQ, extra speakers, and buying equipment.

The 3rd edition (2004) was rendered in HTML by Bill Tomczak. This edition is the 4th (2008), expanding on Bill's work and adding a supplement covering on-board mics and piano mics, updating information about powered speakers and monitoring, suggesting other equipment vendors, and more.

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You can still order the 2nd print edition of All Mixed Up, if you'd like a nice neat traveling copy. It costs $5 plus $3 shipping and handling; you can pay by credit card.

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Unsolicited testimonials

A great booklet on the basics of running sound... Highly recommended!
--Weogo Reed, founder & moderator of Contra Sound Forum

Bob Mills has created a useful little tract on sound.... He knows his stuff.
--David Kaynor, nationally known contra dance caller & fiddler

This is the book I wish had existed when I started doing sound.
--Tony Parkes, square & contra caller, author of Contra Dance Calling: A Basic Text