Where to Learn More

Mail order sources - call for catalogs or quotes:

800-233-9604   Mix Bookshelf   good source for books
800-472-6274   Sam Ash   cheapest on Shure mics
800-448-8478   Manny's   good range of gear, prices
800-458-4076   American Musical   good mic selection
800-648-8460   Music Emporium USA   Entertainer, monitors

Yahama Sound Reinforcement Handbook, Second Edition, Davis & Jones, Hal Leonard Publishing, 1989, 417 pages, available from Music Emporium or Mix. Much more detail on many of the items in this booklet. Highly recommended.

Electronic Musician magazine has some articles on practical sound system work. I've found it useful, although it's oriented to us closet synth/computer freaks.

Mix Magazine is the next step up in sophistication. You have to be pretty heavy into it before this will make much sense. The Mix Bookshelf, however, is their collection of books on related subjects, many of which start at a basic level.

Don't forget to listen a lot and carefully to your favorite traditional music, especially if you're not a player yourself. This will help familiarize you with the sounds and roles of the different instruments. It will also show you how your favorite bands thought they should be mixed. I've learned a lot this way.