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Whatever Happened?


This is a recording of traditional dance tunes and songs, along with a few I've written. I sing and play guitar, mandolin and octave mandolin on it.

A cast of amazing musicians joined me: Peter Barnes (flute), Brad Hill (hand drum), Andrea Hoag (fiddle), Stuart Kenney (bass), Bob Pasquarello (piano), Charlie Pilzer (bass, piano), Bob Stein (accordion).

After opening with a pop send-up of a fiddle tune, the album settles into traditional songs and dance tunes with innovative guitar and mandolin backup. The stew of tunes and songs from Ireland, England, Sweden and the Southern US finishes with an unexpectedly slow, sweet version of the American classic, Cotton-Eyed Joe.

1Tiller Girl©1986 Mills3:30(wav)
2The Two Sisters3:21(wav)
3Woodpecker's Polska©1994 Mills2:35 
4Buffalo Skinners/Julia Delaney8:53 
5Goofy Does the Schottische©1988 Mills2:54 
6Yellow Barber/Waldorf4:48(wav)
7Our Days©1996 Mills4:23(wav)
8The Farmer's Wife/Nixon's Farewell3:44 
9When This Old Hat Was New4:41 
10Brown-Eyed Girl/Weaver's March5:29 
11Cotton-Eyed Joe4:46(wav)

Bob Mills successfully mixes traditional and modern folk music to the point where you sometimes just can't tell the difference. He draws inspiration from the American South, the American West, Ireland, Sweden, the pop-charts of the 1960s and even an animated dog. I especially liked "The Woodpecker's Polska", an original composition that could easily be mistaken for a traditional Swedish tune. All of this is held together by an obvious love of traditional dance halls and the communities that fill them. The instrumentals work best on this recording but there is a wonderful sense of playfulness and humour throughout.
--MW, SingOut! review

Nice writing!
--Jay Ungar

A really fine CD